Le Mans Test Server


Harry M

Hi Steve

I have tried to join the server so I can do some casual testing with a friend.

It would be really helpful please if you would list the exact requirements our end so we can join.



I too. I can´t use the Server. "unknown base mod to be installed" is a mensage for me.
Please help me.


New member
This is the real dead of this fabulous game that rFactor2 is..... this message "unknown base mod to be installed" is a nightmare... I have it in so many servers and it was the case that didn't allow me to perform a league race.... I was so disgusted... and then to sum up the only answer was : uninstall the mod that cause this message.... : but I don't now which one(s) ......... so I little by little am leting this game in standby.... and am playing ACC just because it's simple to play in multi.

But the feeling is not the same :-/

So, does someone have a solution about this issue ?

Thx in advance for your help :)