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Clio Cup Renault Clio Cup Launch


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Whilst we are awaiting the launch of PCARS 2 on 22nd September, we are going to get some events up and running over the next few weeks with the original PCARS. Switching to a Wednesday night will be our Clio Cup.

We are launching with a 6 event series in PCARS, using the Renault Clio Cup cars. Wednesday nights, starting at 19:30 BST its a relaxed atmosphere as everyone gets on the track and gets to know each other.

Renault Clio Cup
Every car is identical in performance and based on the Clio Renault Sport 220 Trophy. 220 stands for the BHP, with the Renault Sport 1.6 turbo charged engine producing over, you guessed it, 220hp.

The car has uprated braking to match the power and a 6 speed paddle shift gearbox. These cars are front wheel drive and provide a challenge for the experienced as well as the novice.

We are going for a mix of classic tracks, Cadwell Park, Monza Short and Azure Coast Circuit. Azure coast resembles Monaco, Monza is the shortest version of the track with a few heart stopping chicanes, Cadwell however is a whole other story, better known as a staple of the British Superbikes, its a right handful for a car. Picturesque but lethal if you take your eye of the ball, it will provide one hell of a challenge. Oulton Park, Snetterton and Brno round out the season just before PCARS 2 Launches.

We invite any and all to join us this Wednesday 16th August from 19:30BST to hit the track at Cadwell Park. Get your elbows out, its going to be some close racing.

The format is open, so jump in and see if its for you.

One final note - you will need Discord, why, have a read at the regulations and it will explain it a bit better. Discord link - https://discord.gg/TMjCbzE

This is for the PC version of PCARS