GT3 Porsche GT3 Cup @ Brands Hatch GP


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This week we are going to try something a little different. Assetto Corsa with the Porsche GT3 Cup 2017 Car at Brands Hatch GP


Timing: Click Here
Date: Saturday 8.30pm NZ 11th November (Usual time @Dan will update this bit)
Track: Brands Hatch GP (Dream Pack 3 AC Content)
Car: Porsche GT3 Cup 2017 (Porsche Pack 3 AC Content)
Practice: 30 Minutes
Qualifying: 10 Minutes
Race 1: 12 Laps
Race 2: 12 Laps
Race 3: 12 Laps

Lets see how many we can get on track for this one. The AC V8 Mod looks like it will be out by Saturday, so we might have that to test on one of our other servers following these races.
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Nick Winkler

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Sorry guys, can’t join tonight due to not having the DLC. Maybe we can test with some free Mods in the future.
There are plenty of good tracks and cars for free available out there and it would be fun to try then all out.
Have fun.