Resolved No controller response

Last week was the April 2018 update on my Win10 home version, and last night I fired up my Steam RF2 install for the first time in a while. Built a new racePC several weeks ago, and when i installed RF2 it hadn't been started since.

No such issue in iRacing, and I haven't tried AC, AMS, or PCars2, so don't know if the issue is with those as well. At first I thought it was related to a reported USB bug with the April 2018 Win10 major update (though wireless KB and mouse are fine), but as I don't have the problem with iRacing I'm more inclined to lean toward an RF2 issue, at this point.

Everything is running perfectly, except zero response from my G25 wheel or pedals (yeah, I gear coming later in the year now that the cockpit and PC are done). Graphics quality off the new PC is great (GTX1080), and in order to get a look at this RF2 update, and the mods I installed last night, I was able to engage the AI, but even when I attempted to re-assign controller for throttle, etc, it just left them 'EMPTY' in the assignment list.

Any ideas?


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Hey mate, delete the controller.JSON file from the userdata folder and restart rf2. Make sure rf2 is completely shut down first
Sorted. I had to do it three times, and reopen RF2 about three times, and still only kicked in after I had made sure everything was fine in the Logitech software, and made sure everything was working in AC (needed setting up), then reopened RF2 and all good. Now to setup AMS and PCars2 as well, then grab the RF2 mods.