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road america last corner lap 25 blair and myself also the bump and run again from him pretty sure it was the same lap but turn 1 he has form for this on myself as well


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Ok, first incident - Lap 25 Turn 1

T1 1.png

Blair clearly alongside and clean.

T1 2.png

Slight bump as Troy turns in, pass is clean. No issues.


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Incident 2 - Lap 25, end of lap.


Blair is past and clear on the straight as you can see from here. Troy runs him way out of room and heading towards the grass.


Troy now into the rear quarter of the BMW. Despite there being tonnes of room on the left.

Rule breaches:
Section 1.09.3 - Gaining a position by tapping the car in front hard enough that they are forced off track, spin, knocked off the racing line, or lose forward momentum in the act of avoiding a spin is not a clean safe overtake.

Section 1.11.1 - Don’t run into the car in front of you! Considered a golden rule, running into the car in front is one of the big no no’s in sim-racing

Section 1.11.9 - When racing closely with another driver, you should wherever possible allow room for them on track.

Section 1.11.10 - You should not squeeze another driver or force another driver off track deliberately.

Section 1.11.11 - Anyone deemed by the admin(s) to be overly aggressive, rough or careless may be penalized. Racing hard is acceptable but should always remain fair.

Driver License
Section 2.8 - We also reserve the right to suspend any license without cumulative points if we deem the issue serious enough

Suspended for One Race at the next event.

Driver and Team were warned due to ongoing incidents throughout the season. Warning was issued on March 18th. It was made very clear that any further issues from that point would result in the driver being parked.