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  1. Dan


    What's up chaps. Everyone have a good Xmas and New Years? Oh i'ts so good to be stomping around in here again aint it, Steve you are right mate ACC and RF2 are looking very very good. Been playing heaps of PCARS2 aswell.
  2. Dan

    Rfactor 2 MrKez noob

    Welcome aboard mate, see you on track.
  3. Dan

    Spirit of Le Mans

    im in mate, be cool to do a run in those
  4. Dan

    ANZCAR Superlate Models RD2 Brands Hatch

    ANZCAR Superlate Models Round 2 Brands Hatch Indy Fixed Setups 80 Laps – Safety Car on Lap 40 Saturday 2nd June 2018 Practice 6:30 AEST / 8:30 NZ Qualifying 7:10 AEST / 9:10 NZ Race 7:30 AEST / 9:30 NZ Info here Discord Channel ANZCAR Facebook Page...
  5. Dan

    Masters Masters Series Round 2 Symmons Plains

    8.30pm NZ Practice Toyota 86 20 Mins (Just enough time for drivers to enter) 8.50pm NZ Qually 10 Mins 9.00pm NZ Race 1 8 Laps 9.20pm NZ Race 2 8 Laps (Reverse grid) All drivers leave server All drivers enter new server 9.45pm NZ Practice Aussie Legends 20 Mins 10.05pm NZ Warmup (grid order is...
  6. Dan

    Resolved No controller response

    Awesome work Steve
  7. Dan

    Masters Masters Series Round 1 Adelaide

    Servers are up now Racing-Leagues Masters GT86 Racing-Leagues Masters V8SC Racing-Leagues Masters Legends
  8. Dan

    Resolved No controller response

    Hey mate, delete the controller.JSON file from the userdata folder and restart rf2. Make sure rf2 is completely shut down first
  9. Dan

    Masters Masters Series Race Weekend

    we dont mind what view you use, as long as you can see if someone it along side you. Hood view and bumper have a very narrow view of this.
  10. Dan

    Masters Masters Series Race Weekend

    i think its only 0.6 at this stage Bert. Do you have 6.0? i got the link off Gavin.
  11. Dan

    Masters Masters Series Race Weekend

  12. Dan

    G'day From The ACT

    Welcome aboard Steve, yep have run a few races with you in ANZCAR. Looking forward to seeing you on track again.
  13. Dan

    Masters Masters Series Round 1 Adelaide

    Sure thing mate, will get them uploaded when I get home from work.
  14. Dan

    Kia Ora from NZ

    Welcome mate, yep just in time for our new series.
  15. Dan

    Masters Masters Series Round 1 Adelaide

    Servers will be up soon
  16. Dan

    Adelaide - Adelaide 2011 DX11

    UPDATE FROM 1.04 TO 1.05 DX11
  17. Dan

    Toyota GT86 .60

  18. Dan

    Aussie Legends Z28 79 Camaro 0.96

    Z28 CAMARO
  19. Dan

    Aussie Legends XY Falcon Phase III 0.96