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  1. Steve


    Pop over here: :)
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    Good to here from you both. Still on holidays, but will send out a mail when I'm back next week and see who's still about :)
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    I thought I'd turn all this back on again and see if anyone is out there :) It's been a good 8 months or so since we closed the whole thing down. I'm missing the whole pretend racecars thing, so wondered if anyone is still out there and wanted to get back in on it. There's been some...
  4. Steve

    Rfactor 2 MrKez noob

    Welcome mate. :)
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    Spirit of Le Mans

    Any interest in an LMP1 enduro? Take a Saturday morning UK, Sat night down under? These beauties need a run, we could have say 2 hours, full day night transition and real weather thrown in for good measure.
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    Kia Ora from NZ

    Welcome to :)
  7. Steve

    G'day From The ACT

    Welcome mate! :)
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    Rfactor 2 Wooohoooo rfactor2 servers up!

    @Dan are we good to give out the password?
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    Information Not the End....

    Hi The team at would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have joined and raced over the years. We are moving onto our next chapter; the reporting of our demise has been premature. We’ve had lots of members giving us their support over the past few weeks...
  10. Steve


    Incident 2 - Lap 25, end of lap. Blair is past and clear on the straight as you can see from here. Troy runs him way out of room and heading towards the grass. Troy now into the rear quarter of the BMW. Despite there being tonnes of room on the left. Rule breaches: Section 1.09.3 -...
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    Ok, first incident - Lap 25 Turn 1 Blair clearly alongside and clean. Slight bump as Troy turns in, pass is clean. No issues.
  12. Steve

    GT S1: RD7 Oceanic GT Sebring International

    @Carl any chance you could upload it to here:
  13. Steve

    GT S1: RD7 Oceanic GT Sebring International

    Any one have a replay of the whole race saved? If so can you let either Dan or I know so we can have it please.
  14. Steve

    GT Test tonight

    Crap, I forgot! Can you run summit point @Bruce and see if it works for these?
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    GT Series Updates

    Please note the following changes for this week on: Race start time moved 30 minutes earlier to accommodate RRTV scheduling Lucky dog is set to on
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    GT RD 2: Lime Rock Park

    Worst race ever, car was horrible and that's an understatement. Started off ok, may have picked up some damage from passing Ian. Understatement all the way and terrible tyre Deg.
  17. Steve

    GT RD 2: Lime Rock Park

    Round 2 this Thursday from 19:30. See you all on track! :)
  18. Steve

    GT S1: RD 2 Oceanic GT Imola Grand Prix

    Well what can I say about that round! Team wise @Feralarri finally tamed the Ferrari, we were bang on the pace and looking good for the race. Some kind of issues put paid to Gav at the start. I had a decent getaway, got moving on up behind Dan. Made a little mistake, going up the hill, but it...
  19. Steve

    GT RD 1: Daytona International 2007

    6, was it BT. If it was BT then you're in trouble. After all BT stands for Bring Ten, you're 4 short.....