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  1. ZaKiwi

    Rfactor 2 MrKez noob

    Hey mate,welcome. Hope to see you on track .
  2. ZaKiwi

    Spirit of Le Mans

    If ya run the old 5litre sports cars I would be down for sure
  3. ZaKiwi

    GP Retro GP RETRO F1 CHAMPION 2018

    Well done Dad.
  4. ZaKiwi

    GT S1: Oceanic GT Series

    Round 2 is gunna be tricky mate.....running Daytona 500 that day..from 5pm till about 9pm
  5. ZaKiwi

    V8 Supercars V8 SUPERCARS Test Round Vallelunga Classic

    Yea man I did. Works mint,also surprised as to how much better AC works with the Vive too...been testing out my various sims...AC,Pcars2,R3E,Rf2 all work mint...Iracing has that floaty head issue(which a quick blast on the headset zero button fixes)and is so far the only game I seem to have...
  6. ZaKiwi

    V8 Supercars V8 SUPERCARS Test Round Vallelunga Classic

    You know I actually got my shit together and got AC working and online on Friday night......come Saturday night I fell asleep on the couch at 8pm......was actually looking forward to this.
  7. ZaKiwi

    2018 Seasons

    Wouldn't mind seeing some Pcars2 leagues chucked in there eventually too especially if they are run around GTO Historics(300zx/Audi90 etc)or Group C stuff.
  8. ZaKiwi

    2018 Seasons

    Be keen on some R3E GT3/Grp5/DTM 91 and GTO classics(know a guy who could be keen on running some of the Gto stuff). AC multiplayer does not work at all for me for some reason.
  9. ZaKiwi

    R3E GT3 Testing at Bathurst

    Nevermind..if I read the post a bit better I would have seen the answer to my question...
  10. ZaKiwi

    R3E GT3 Testing at Bathurst

    So do I need an ADAC car or one from GTR 3 ? Pretty keen to jump into this one.Gives me an excuse to have another thrash at this sim
  11. ZaKiwi

    Peripherals & Other A Transformation to VR

    I haven't touched any racing sim unless it supports VR since getting it. Need to reload R4E again at some point. RF2 has come a long way since ISI ditched it,the retro F1 race we had on the weekend on the DX11 Rouen Les Essarts looked VR has definitely made me a bit quicker I reckon.
  12. ZaKiwi

    Hello from California

    Howdy mate, I think your timezone is like a day behind ours(got a guy I race dirt trucks in rf1 with in CA)so it'll be late Friday night for you,I may be wrong. Be good to see some new drivers on track.
  13. ZaKiwi

    GP Retro GP Retro 75 Zolder Round 6

    Racing was good fellas. Good win to Trevor in race 1,I overcooked the last chicane twice,giving up first & second. Race 2 was tough,ran wide in the double right giving the lead to Ian but luckily he spun at the hairpin not long after giving me back first,hard luck man. Drove cautiously to make...
  14. ZaKiwi

    GP Retro GP Retro 75 Kyalami Round 5

    Sorry guys shots came out really badly,but will have a look at replay later on and try get some,pretty sweet racing even though I parked it in the feature race...
  15. ZaKiwi

    GP Retro GP Retro 75 Kyalami Round 5

    Aah all good then. Should be a hell of a race if I don't put it off in Crowthorn with a full tank of gas...
  16. ZaKiwi

    GP Retro GP Retro 75 Kyalami Round 5

    Is that the one we drove in testing Dan?
  17. ZaKiwi


    Drive it all the time,mainly ovals. Run an AU/NZ Oval racing league. Race nights are Monday - K & N Impala Thursday - Nascar Trucks Going into the "off season"-Mixed and fixed ovals from dirt through to non restricted Nascars. In 2018 we are running a 100% Distance Gen 6 Series( 1 race per...
  18. ZaKiwi


    Bloody hell stop saying this I am getting worried bout when they grow up.....
  19. ZaKiwi


    So I'll share the past 3 races on here if any of you guys were keen to have a look at what is going on. Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
  20. ZaKiwi


    Anybody notice when driving the group C cars how as the down force comes into play the steering start to get heavier and more responsive whilst at lower speeds it's very light and the car doesn't quite respond as well? Did a 5 lap race at Nordschleife(ended up parked way up the back on lap 4)...