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Penalties & Stewarding

1.    Penalties

  1. Most Serious: 111-point penalty (Equivalent to a 5th Place finish) only to be used in the most extreme cases or for repeat offenders
  2. Medium: 78-point penalty - used in the example of a driver who commits two offences in a round or race, or if the offence destroys someone else's race (Equivalent to a 10th place finish)
  3. Standard: 60-point penalty - used for most offences (equivalent to a 15th place finish)
  4. Time Added: This option is also available to the stewards if they feel that the incident infringed someone else and they will benefit by having the offender moved back in the results

2.    Driver License

  1. All drivers on racing-leagues.com will have a driving license
  2. This license is subject to penalties as laid out below
  3. Most Serious: 111-point penalty one of these gets you three points on your license
  4. Medium: 78-point penalty one of these gets you two points on your license
  5. Standard: 60-point penalty one of these gets you one point on your license
  6. When a driver gets a cumulative 12 points on their license they are automatically suspended from all competition for the next event
  7. We will keep a record of all penalty points and display it in the regulations section
  8. We also reserve the right to suspend any license without cumulative points if we deem the issue serious enough

3.    Stewards

  1. The Stewards for the season will be elected by vote in the forum before the start of any season
  2. There will be a forum provided for the stewards to make their deliberations
  3. The forum will be read only access to non-stewards
  4. Stewards decisions will be final
  5. A Steward cannot take part in an investigation if they are involved in the incident
  6. A Steward cannot take part in an investigation if their team is involved in the incident
  7. If a decision cannot be made through the stewards, an owners vote will carry the ruling