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Rfactor 2 Specific Rules


1.Rfactor 2 specific

  1. During an event, it is illegal to press the ESC button to go back to pits, you must drive your car if it is drivable back to the pits
  2. The car must make it back under its own power
  3. If it can’t you are out of that session
  4. Due to issues that have arisen in the past, can all drivers please ensure that they do not use “Virtual Rides”.
  5. For car selection, no matter the mod installed, please us an alternate of a car already there.

2.Rfactor 2 V8 Supercars Series Specific



150 KG


120 KG


110 KG


80 KG


60 KG


  1. Success Ballast will be allocated as above to the top 5 finishers in the race
  2. Race 1 of round 1 of a season will be the only race without any ballast
  3. Race 1 top 5 finishers will be allocated the ballast in point 2.1
  4. The top 5 from the last race will start race 2 with this ballast
  5. For the following rounds, the top 5 in championship order will be allocated the ballast as above
  6. For race 2 the top 5 in the championship will lose the ballast unless they finish the race in the top 5 as per point above
  7. Ballast is not cumulative, therefore the maximum ballast that anyone driver can carry is 150 KG. This will be either the championship points leader or the winner of race 1. If this is the same driver, they will start the next race with 150 KG
  8. If there is a race 3, it will follow down from point 2.1
  9. Full reverse grid will be initiated for Race 2 and any subsequent races


  • Published
    May 21, 2017
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