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About racing-leagues.com


you find yourself here, hopefully you have some idea of what Simulated
Racing (sim racing) is and you want to know more. Well, you are in the
right place.

A little about racing-leagues.com

were founded in 2001 by Steve O'Connor and Bruce Duncan. We started off
before true online racing using Mircroprose GP3. This was basically a
race off line, send your file to the admins who ran it through a file
checker (for potential cheating or other issues) and then we compiled
the results.

When Papyrus published NASCAR racing season 2003,
things moved on rapidly, for the first time there was a platform that
allowed us to actually all be on the track at the same time, proper on
track action. Without boring the reader too much, we evolved through
various mods (more on that later) including Indycar, V8 Supercars and NASCAR to name but a few.

sim racing world evolved once more with the launch of rfactor from ISI.
This was a seminal moment in sim racing, the first platform that was
aimed at modding, it opened up the world to whatever race series the mod
community could envisage. V8 Supercars, GT racing, F1, you name it, it
was available.

After many years of healthy grids and racing, we
decided to call it a day for while around 2008/2009, you know, the real
life thing takes over.

However we found our passion again in late 2013 and stepped back into the sim racing world with www.touringcar-simracing.com (TCSR for short). We grabbed rfactor 2 and the excellent V8Supercars mod from FVRmodding.com and we were up and running again.

had a healthy series with the vast majority of our members from Oceania
as befits a V8 Supercars series. However we soon realised that we had
boxed ourselves into a corner with the TCSR name. So we switched back to
racing-leagues.com with the intention of evolving our community to
encompass many other mods and platforms.


So we've been talking a lot about mods, so the obvious question to the uninitiated is, what are they? Mods are modifications to
the core game (we will refer to it as platform) that allow you to run
content that was not made by the platform developer. This can take the
form of tracks, cars or whole race series.

Let's take the example
of the V8 Supercars with rfactor 2. The cars are designed and built from
scratch by an enthusiast mod team, in this case the FVR team. These
guys work on their own for no financial reward to create a series that
resembles the real life V8 Supercars series. They then release this mod
to the community for their own personal use.

Mods come in the
form of a download which you then install into your core game to enable
you to drive the cars. More on how to do this in another article.

are very similar in that they are created by a mod team or individual
in many cases and are released to the community as a download to

When combined with the series and the track, we can then move into league racing.

League Racing

racing ties the above together to provide a competitive environment to
race against other sim racers. The league provides a rules package,
server and championship scoring.

At racing-leagues.com we try to
keep this as close to reality as possible with practise sessions,
qualifying and finally the races. All are governed by our rules package
which is posted up. This guarantees fairness throughout our
competitions. We try to not be a draconian organisation but we do take
our rules package seriously, it's there for everyone's benefit and to
protect the integrity of our community. After all Integrity equals

Voice Chat

To enable better communication during events we supply a voice chat server. We currently use Teamspeak This allows us all to interact similar to a radio in the real world. It
is compulsory to use this, don't be afraid to speak, in fact you can
just listen if you need to. It allows you to warn other drivers on track
if you are making a passing attempt, get instructions from the admin
team etc.

The Community

but by no means least is the community itself. We are a bunch of
like-minded sim racing enthusiasts of all abilities. We have some of the
fastest racers you will ever see on track (affectionately known to us
as the aliens), some good racers, some ok
racers and some getting up to speed racers. Not everyone can be as fast
as they think, we all know that the hard way here.

What we all
have in common however is a passion for racing, a desire to improve and
as we can't afford to go racing for real, we use this community as the
next best thing.

If you are new to simracing, if you are a
seasoned veteran, we don't care, everyone is welcome here. From the
first steps into sim racing, our community is second to none in helping
people get into a new hobby. Equally if you have the speed, we have
people to test you, there is something for everyone at
racing-leagues.com. So pop in, join the forum and say hello. See what
you think, we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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